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Type of Work Consolidated Composite Copyright Work
Title of Work ‘SIDUS GATES Business Technologies and Intellectual Assets’
Date of first publication 26/02/2022
Date of the registration 13/12/2022
Certificate № EC-01-003955
Name of Author (s) and Citizenship Group of authors (headed by Mr. Roman Povolotskii)
Rightholder (s) SIDUS GLOBAL OPERATIONS - FZCO (UAE, Nominal Holder), Actual Rightsholders: Roman Povolotskii (30,7014%), Dmytro Andrieiev (14,3114%), Anastasiia Medvedeva (11,0494%), Dzhenan Ramchilovich (10,1704%), Artem Pachev (8,517%), Platinum Co Holdings Pty Ltd (25,2504%)
Other comments Total IP-Valuation: $251.35 M, Allocation Statement No. SDG-A1 dated December 13, 2022, IP-Share Registration ID Range: from # 10,000,000,001/IPS/SDG-A1 till # 35,135,000,000/IPS/SDG-A1. Verified smart-contract for Intellectual Property Shares (IP-Shares) encryption in blockchain through NFT: https://etherscan.io/address/0x779B68ECBD4a6fe64B03829DbD3918281e8c6BaA