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About us

INTEROCO Copyright Office - is a global full-automated electronic legal service for protection rights of authors from different countries.

Created as a fast non-government legal protection system for authors from Europe in 2006-2016 years INTEROCO provides today wide opportunities for copyright protection for the applicants from Europe, CIS-countries, Asia, Middle East and other regions.

Only in the 2017 year, the number of copyrighted works in INTEROCO Copyright Office was 59 293.

The main focus of INTEROCO Copyright Office is a full implementation of the requirements of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.

The vital concern problem in the copyright is not an announcement of the author, because it could be done almost free of charge through sending by author the created work in the sealed envelope by any post services to himself. The practice of sending a copy of your own work to yourself is called a “poor man’s copyright.” There is no provision in international or local copyright laws regarding any such type of protection, and it is not a substitute for registration.

The most important problem during the protection of copyright owner rights (in case of violations) is to provide for official bodies and commercial banks (in case of royalty payments) with a sufficient level of evidentiary form regarding created IP-work. 

According to the Berne Convention, the following main requirements are mandatory for implementation by Copyright Offices (information about the full list of requirements could be received from regional authorized operators):

Requirement No. 1. Public access 
INTEROCO Copyright Office provides an online link to the deposited item with the public access to this information (on the Internet through a special server storage), which allows to satisfy any reasonable needs of the public in acquaintance with the claimed copyrighted object.

Requirement No. 2. International publication
INTEROCO Copyright Office provides publication of registered copyright work in Germany and country of the application within 2 days after the first approval of an application. According to the requirements of the Berne Convention, for international recognition - a work shall be considered as having been published simultaneously in several countries if it has been published in two or more countries within thirty days of its first publication.

Requirement № 3. Publication after approval of the author
INTEROCO Copyright Office signs (through regional authorized operators) the public agreements with the authors and receives applications where authors confirm the permission for the transfer of work to the depository for registration issues.

The copyright certificates of INTEROCO are recognized in 172 countries of the world (members of Berne Convention). You can deposit anything that is copyrightable: original brands, mobile applications, work of sciences, literary, dramatic, musical, artistic works and video/sound recordings, including novels, poems, lyrics, songs, paintings, drawings, design, computer images, software, advertisements, logos, training materials, and even the rules of a game.

Without deposited copyright work with registered copyright certificates, it is difficult for copyright owners to assert that their materials are original, recorded in evidentiary form and predate other works. We provide a depository system allowing the creators to register IP-items with worldwide recognition. After deposition, if client is paid a special fee, we provide a hardcopy of the IP-certificate as proof that we have registered IP-works on their names.

Certificates of INTEROCO Copyright Office are verified and accepted as a legal document by all leading Internet services providers for over last 10 years (Google, Youtube, AppStore, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Instagram, Google Play, Yandex, Vkontakte, etc.).

In the event of a dispute, we can support copyright owners with consulting and expertise of our experts from regional authorized operators  Please note - that Headquarters of INTEROCO Copyright Office in Germany is not working directly with clients, all requests will be transferred to appropriate regional authorized operators of INTEROCO Copyright Office.

All rightsholders of copyright works have right for:
1. Recognition of authorship throughout the world (in all member-countries of Berne Convention).
2. Prohibition of unfair competition around the world (in all member countries of the Berne Convention).
3. Protection of commercial using of technology, process, methodology.
4. The possibility of capitalization and monetization (on the base of license and franchise agreements, and other IP-tools).
5. Legalization of the use of work of science by the author.

List of requirements of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, and the description of their implementation by the US Copyright Office and INTEROCO Copyright Office with registration procedures:

Requirements of the Berne Convention and other procedure issues

Description of implementation

United States (US) Copyright Office

Copyright Office


Creation of IP-work




Publication after author's approval




Verification of rightsholder




Checking the uniqueness of applied work in the local and international databases of previously registered IP-items (trademarks, copyright, etc.)

Not provided


5.  Preliminary examination and expertise of applied materials for registration of business projects, technological solutions, computer programs, work of science
Not provided Provided


Determination of the date of priority




Online link with information about the name of the work, number of copyright certificate, author and rightholder




Public access to the registered and deposited work according to official web-link


Not provided

In December 2017 public access to the registered and deposited works was closed according to the decision of administration of US Copyright Office.

For law enforcement actions web-link will is not enough, and an official withdrawal letter with description of registered copyright work should be received from US Copyright Office
(with payments of fees) 


Web-link is written in Copyright Certificate


International publication - not less than in 2 countries

Not provided

Provided in 2 countries:

1. Country of applicant
2. Germany


Local language description
of registration details in
Copyright Certificate

Not provided

For law enforcement actions should be additionally received from USA notary attested translation of Copyright Certificate to the local language with apostilization of documents in U.S. Department of State and embassies


The certificate is issued  in 2 languages: the local language of the country of application and English



Pre-registration approval
of application for registration
of Copyright Work (to avoid refusal from the administration of Copyright Office)


Not provided

After submission
of application decision
to refuse registration
could be issued
by US Copyright Office
(without fees reimbursement)


Through Regional Authorized Operators

12. Standard period of time for registration process 6 - 12 months

Standard IP-work: 10 days

Complex IP-work: 20 days



Urgent registration service Not provided

Standard IP-work: 5 days

Complex IP-work: 10 days

(will be charged additionally)


Official answers from administration on requests from local official bodies regarding confirmation of registered IP-rights (antimonopoly, prosecution, police, courts, and others officials) 

Not provided


(will be charged additionally)
15.  Acceptance of motivated objection from the applicant in case of issuing administration's decision about refusal in copyright registration

Will be charged additionally.

Motivated objection should be signed by authorized by US Copyright Office lawyers 

No additionally


Registration of application with pseudonym author (s)

Provided Provided

Registration of application with anonymous author (s)

Not provided Provided

Depositing in Copyright Office in private mode (description about IP-items will be closed for public access in administration's office and on the web-site)

Not provided Provided