Use of Cookies and Tracking Technology by INTEROCO Copyright Office

“Cookies” are small files that a website transfers to a user’s computer to allow the site to remember specific information. If a user does not want cookies to be transferred to his or her computer, that user may choose to opt out of their use by modifying browser options. While a user will still be able to access most features of the Copyright Office’s websites, certain features may not work as well or may be unavailable to that user.

The Copyright Office uses commercial software products to analyze and report on aggregated web metrics data. This data is generally retained indefinitely to support the mission of the Copyright Office’s website. The Copyright Office uses three types of information-collecting tools on its various websites: session cookies, persistent cookies, and other customization tools.

Session Cookies
The Copyright Office uses session cookies on its website for technical purposes such as to enable a user to more easily navigate the Copyright Office’s webpages. Session cookies only collect non-personally identifiable data, and once a user closes his or her browser, the cookies disappear.

Persistent Cookies
Persistent cookies store information on a user’s computer for longer periods of time than session cookies, and the information is stored across multiple sessions. The Copyright Office never uses persistent cookies to collect personally identifiable information about its website visitors. The Copyright Office does use persistent cookies to improve its web metrics by distinguishing between new and returning visitors; to prevent repeated prompting to complete its customer satisfaction survey; to aggregate data anonymously on how visitors use its sites; and to “remember” preferences that users provide voluntarily.

Customization tools
Customization tools allow users to voluntarily provide information to personalize and improve their online experience on a particular Copyright Office webpage and site. This information is saved on the Copyright Office’s servers.

Any personally identifiable information contained in an email is used by the Copyright Office for no other purpose than to provide requested information to the individual who emailed the request. Emails sent to the INTEROCO Copyright Office by the public are kept according to the length of time specified in the Copyright Office’s records retention schedule. The Copyright Office only shares the information that a user provides with another government agency if the user’s information relates to that agency or as otherwise required by law. The Copyright Office does not store any personally identifiable information independent of the email message, create individual profiles with the information provided in an email, or give it to any private organizations.