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According to the Berne Convention, the following main requirements are mandatory for implementation by Copyright Offices (information about the full list of requirements could be received from regional authorized operators):

Requirement No. 1

Public access

Requirement No. 2

International publication

Requirement No. 3

Publication after approval
of the author

INTEROCO Copyright Office provides an online link to the deposited item with the public access to this information (on the Internet through a special server storage), which allows to satisfy any reasonable needs of the public in acquaintance with the claimed copyrighted object.

INTEROCO Copyright Office provides publication of registered copyright work in Germany and country of the application within 2 days after the first approval of an application. According to the requirements of the Berne Convention, for international recognition - a work shall be considered as having been published simultaneously in several countries if it has been published in two or more countries within thirty days of its first publication.

INTEROCO Copyright Office signs (through regional authorized operators) the public agreements with the authors and receives applications where authors confirm the permission for the transfer of work to the depository for registration issues.

Protection Of The Intellectual Property Using Copyright Registration Service.

The main concern in the copyright is not an announcement of the author, because it could be done almost free of charge through sending by author the created work in the sealed envelope by any post services to himself.

The practice of sending a copy of your own work to yourself is called a “poor man’s copyright.” There is no provision in international or local copyright laws regarding any such type of protection, and it is not a substitute for registration.

The most important problem during the protection of copyright owner rights (in case of violations) is to provide for official bodies and commercial banks (in case of royalty payments) with a sufficient level of evidentiary form regarding created IP-work, authors, rightsholders, date of priority, etc.

How it works?


Step 1. Application

1. Choose and fill out the application form (please contact the regional office for consultations)

2. Upload the file of your copyright work

3. Make payment


Step 2. Verification

1. Formal check and verification of applied data

2. Amendments to application (if applicable)


Step 3. Registration and issue
of certificate

1. Registration with the Depository

2. Electronic certificate sent by email

3. Paper certificate sent by postal mail (optional)