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Computer program. Name:"e-USQOLAT: the web-based online platform for diagnosis of lower urinary tract infections in women". Authors: Jakhongir F. Alidjanov (Uzbekistan), Bositkhon T. Basitkhanov (Uzbekistan), Ulugbek A. Abdufattaev (Uzbekistan). Rightholders: Jakhongir F. Alidjanov (Uzbekistan), Ozoda T. Alidjanova (Uzbekistan), Bositkhon T. Basitkhanov (Uzbekistan), Ulugbek A. Abdufattaev (Uzbekistan), Adrian M. E. Pilatz (Germany), Kurt G. Naber (Germany), Florian M. E. Wagenlehner (Germany). Author's certificate № EC-01-001179 from 2017-05-18


Вид: Программа ЭВМ. Наименование: Онлайн-платформа для диагностики острого цистита у женщин - e-USQOLAT. Авторы: Алиджанов Жахонгир Фатыхович (Республика Узбекистан), Баситханов Боситхон Тохирович (Республика Узбекистан), Абдуфаттаев Улугбек Авазжонович (Республика Узбекистан).  Правообладатели: Алиджанов Жахонгир Фатыхович (Республика Узбекистан), Алиджанова Озода Тахировна (Республика Узбекистан), Баситханов Боситхон Тохирович (Республика Узбекистан), Абдуфаттаев Улугбек Авазжонович (Республика Узбекистан), Курт Гюнтер Набер (Германия), Адриан Мартин Эрих Пилатц (Германия), Флориан Мартин Эрих Вагенленер (Германия). Авторское св-во № EC-01-001179 от 18/05/2017

وصف باللغة العربية

“Urinary symptoms and quality of life assessment tool” (e-USQOLAT) is a multilingual web-based online platform. It is initially developed based on the Acute Cystitis Symptom Score (ACSS).The web-based form is designed as semi-self-learning system for primary audience consisting of the following target groups: a) Female respondents; b) Researchers; c) Pharmaceutical companies. User interface of the e-USQOLAT depends on the different requirements for the target groups and divided into followings: 1) Patient’s user interface; 2) Researchers’ user interface; 3) Panel of administration. Functional abilities: User interface allows to entering and storing the data into database. Inputted data may be analyzed in real time, using appropriate statistical tests and user may have preliminary results of tests of probability, comparison of individual results with average data of all other cases. The platform also includes a panel of acknowledgments, list of contributors, links to relevant publications, and contact details of authors. All information about respondents will be stored anonymously, reports will be performed in compliance with WMA Declaration of Helsinki. All the personal data in the database will be coded and respondents will be anonymized. Online informed consent form will include the description of all patient’s rights and liability. Detailed description is available to download for registered users, via link above.